Bible Verses And Photos Spectacular

Bible Verses And Photos Spectacular 2.0

Simple but beautiful screensaver featuring good photos and Bible verses
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Bible Believers Fellowship, the developer of this screensaver, is a non-profit organization aimed to give Bibles and other Christian literature to prison chaplains, as well as counseling to repented inmates. To help funding this mission, they have issued several screensavers and audio files. The Bible Verses and Photos Spectacular features a collection of beautiful nature images such as sceneries, animal views, historic places and more, coupled with selected verses of the Bible. The program also has several nice music backgrounds complementing the images. You can customize your experience with the screensaver by adjusting some of its properties, such as the duration of each image on-screen and the transition effects type and duration. Also, you can turn on/off the sound effects, to ask the program to enlarge the images to fit your screen, and to show the images in order or randomly. The shareware version of the program only shows 15 of the 84 pictures you get with the registered version. Also, you can use it only during 10 days. If you want to do an act of charity and also enjoy a good screensaver, then get this one.

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